Sunday, 24 September 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - Giving Birth Part I (20 Sep 17)

I couldn't fall asleep last night, woke up at 5:50 am, brushed my tooth, washed my face then wiped my body with a wet towel. After that a nurse came and did an ECG for baby and she took my blood pressure. Everything was fine. Hubby came around 6:30 am and he just sat beside me. Then a nurse came and wanted to give me medicine to clear all the poo. Within one minute, I already have the urge to go poo poo. I quickly walked and went to clear it. After that, we just chitchat while waiting to be called to go for operation at 7:30 am. 

Around 7:10 am, nurses came and called me time to go for operation. At that moment, I didn’t feel nervous and scared, I laid on the bed then husband just followed with us went to the 3rd floor. I was pulled to the operation room, then a nurse asked me to transferred and laid on the operation bed. At that moment, I saw a familiar face, the anaesthetist, I first met her during my embryos retrieval day. I was calmed and sleepy, I just trying to fall asleep. I heard they were talking about traffic jam, Dr. Tee was having an embryo transfer, then the last word I heard was he’s coming, coming, then I feel really really sleepy, then I slept.

By the time I woke up, it’s already 12-1 pm. I looked around I were in a single room and husband was sleeping beside me in another bed. I touched my tummy wondering have I give birth and felt a bit pain in my tummy then realised I had gave birth. At that time, I still very drowsy, my throat was dry no voice to speak and I couldn’t remember much what people have spoke to me. I remembered nurses came to wash my private part and to change maternity pad for me but I incidentally hiccup and the urine bag plug was pushed out from my private part and the nurses was so nervous. I remembered Dr. Tee Swi Ping came to see me, said baby and I were doing fine, he also said my baby was not goes deep down yet.

Husband told me after I went in the operation room, he sat outside and waited for me. Around 7:45 am, he said he was so sleepy, almost fall asleep, suddenly he heard a very loud baby crying sound, he told me he’s not sure is it our baby has born. 


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