Saturday, 16 September 2017

39 Weeks - Prenatal Check Up

Yesterday was my 39 weeks prenatal check up. My weight was 67 kg which had gained 1.5 kg in a week. I think the reason is because I eat too much of sweet foods like mooncakes, chocolates and cakes. No high glucose and protein was detect in the urine. 

Baby's head was down, heart still beating, cervix length still long, tight and closed. Doctor Tee Swi Peng said I can give birth next Monday via c-sec because doctor foresees I won't dilate even though I have been induced labor. I was shocked and unreadiness. 

At that moment, I just want my hubby's confirmation and say ok let's do it but he didn't, he let me to decide. My mom always tell me to follow what doctor has said to you. I couldn't decide at that moment and was so confused. Then doctor Tee let us think about it again, come back for follow up check up next Monday and get back to him. 

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