Friday, 8 September 2017

38 Weeks - Prenatal Check Up

Today is my 38 weeks prenatal check up. Negative result for high glucose and protein. Blood pressure is fine. My weight is 65.5kg and baby weight is around 3kg. Still no sign of labor and had done doppler ultrasound. Everything are fine. 

"Current evidence suggests that using Doppler ultrasound in high-risk pregnancies to monitor a fetus' health may reduce caesarean sections and the number of babies who die, according to a new Cochrane Systematic Review".

"Doppler ultrasound is a well established technique used to diagnose problems during pregnancy. It can monitor how fast blood is moving in the umbilical blood flow. Professionals can then look to see whether the blood flow is normal, indicating that the fetus is healthy, or abnormal, indicating that the fetus is under stress. The health professionals can then decide which high-risk pregnancies need assistance in delivering the baby, and which women can be left to deliver without assistance". 

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  1. 我已经结婚了好几年呀,但都面临着你孕症,失望透了,但不担忧因为我遇到了他,专属而且是很大型的捐款库中,医生能让顾客看那个府合,才开始下个计划,而且还能自由性选择宝宝性别呢,真心推荐你们哦想有混血儿或双胞胎宝宝都不是问题哦