Friday, 22 September 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - The Day Before Giving Birth (19 Sep 17)

In the morning, after I had my breakfast, I cleaned up all my dirty clothes. After having lunch in SS2 Chow Yang food court, I bought a fresh coconut water to drink at home. It was a rainy day in the afternoon, I feel so sleepy and took an half hour nap. Then I washed my electric breastfeeding pump. We went to had dinner at 6:30 pm. Back home around 7:00 pm, we took a quick bath and did a last batch of packing to the hospital. We leave home at 7:45 pm, due to the rainy day and road accident, it's quite jammed and we worried we might be late to admit hospital at 9 pm. Luckily we arrived and admitted on time. We heading to the 2nd floor to register myself. I requested to stay in a general room tonight and the rest of the days upgrade to a single room. After registration, nurses did an ECG for baby and me to know our heart beating performance. Everything was fine. I changed my cloth to blue gown then a nurse came to shave for me. Hubby leaving home around 10:30 pm. I drank my last cup of milo and biscuits at 11:30 pm because I feel a bit hungry. I have to fast after 12:00 am. I couldn't fall asleep the night, maybe because it's too noisy, baby crying sound, people walking and talking. 

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