Thursday, 12 October 2017

1 Week - Postnatal Check Up (27 Sep 17)

At 10:30 am, Husband and I arrived Metro IVF, Puchong branch. I registered myself then heading to weight myself. My weight before delivery was 68 kgs. Now my weight is 59.5 kgs. So much relieved after knowing it. I believe I will be able to reduce my weight back to the weight before pregnancy.

I have waited for 1 hour only my turn to see Dr. Tee Swi Peng. Today is the day to remove stitches. I laid on the bed, then Dr. Tee used a scissor to cut the front and the end of the stitches then removed the stitches. Dr. Tee said the wound was recovered nicely and it’s only 4 inches long (10 cm). I were feeling a bit itchy on my wound. Then Dr. Tee was using a medical alcohol (I believe it’s) to wipe the wound. Dr. Tee asked me do I want to see my wound. I quickly said no no no. I really not dare to see my scars. I asked the nurse whether my wound got blood or not. She said no blood and it’s recovered nicely.

I checked with Dr. Tee whether I can consume motilium pill to improve my milk production. Dr. Tee said yes I can consume it and it’s safe to consume. Dr. Tee also said a new born mother sometimes have to wait for a week only got milk supply. Dr. Tee claimed that my body is not fully recovered yet, the wound only recovered 20%, I can do light works after three months and I will be fully recovered after six months. We expressed a big thank you to Dr. Tee and we will definitely come back for a second frozen embryos transfer.


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