Saturday, 24 February 2018

My Baby is Growing Up - 5 Months Old

Newborn=> Weight: 3.09kg, HC: 36cm & Length: 54cm

1 Month Old=> Weight: 3.90kg, HC: 37cm & Length: 54cm

2 Months Old=> Weight: 5.07kg, HC: 39.5cm & Length: 57cm

3 Months Old=> Weight: 5.70kg, HC: 41.0cm & Length: 58cm

4 Months Old=> Weight: 6.35kg, HC: 42.0cm & Length: 64cm

5 Months Old=> Weight: 6.92kg, HC: 44.0cm & Length: 64.5cm


  1. 我结婚了好几年,但总是面临不孕的状态,医生说要几年的时间,但过了好漫长一段时间呀,后来是去了这家,神似的我才试了一次就有了宝宝了,从一开始的频率联系我,耐心地解答我所有问,他保证100%最好的效果给我信心,谢谢你们的爱,真心推荐你们哦 欢迎可以咨询我

  2. wow...awesome.

  3. hi, I have been following your post. Your baby is so cute. Baby boy or baby Girl? Btw, I am with Metro Doc Tee as well. May I know did you still continue breastfeed your baby? and as for baby vaccine/injection, are you with Metro or KK clinic?

    1. Hi Shanice, thank you for reading my posts. It’s a baby boy. I stopped breastfeed my son after 1 month of confinement due to low supply of breast milk and feeling dizzy after feeding. My son vaccines in a private pediatric clinic nearby my house. The 1st vaccine done in Metro and never go KK clinic.