Sunday, 1 October 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - Day 2 (21 Sep 17)

I remembered at 1:30 am, Dr. Tee Swi Peng came with two nurses to see me. He told me baby and I were fine and we can discharge tomorrow. He asked me how did I feel. I told him I were feeling pain in my tummy. He said it’s a good sign if I feeling pain because the uterus are shrinking. At that time,  I still feeling drowsy, I just need more sleep.

Around 6:30 am, a nurse came and cleaned up for me. I brushed my tooth and changed a new clothes. Then they removed my urine bag. It’s painless. After I had my breakfast,  a nurse helped me to get down from bed and walked to the washroom. It’s painful and I couldn’t stand straight. The nurse asked me to hold a deep breath, hold my tummy and walked. 

Around 11:00 am, a whole group of Metro IVF team came and took a group picture with me and baby. At that time, my husband wasn’t arrived yet, we took the picture without him. I were so blessed and blissful holding my baby. 

I were not sure am I under depression. I cried again. The reason I cried is because I felt helpless, painful and husband wasn’t around. I were feeling painful and couldn’t breastfeeding my baby. 

Around 5:00 pm, husband came and accompanied me. At 6:00 pm, I received a basket flower from my parents-in-law. It was big and beautiful.

I were so down the whole day after nurse removed my urine bag and I have to walk by myself. 😭😭😭


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