Saturday, 29 July 2017

32 Weeks - Tetanus Toxoid (TT) Vaccine (2nd Injection) (28 July 2017)

Yesterday was my 32 weeks prenatal check up. As usual hubby and I were arrived at Metro IVF, Puchong branch at 10:20 a.m. I registered myself at the counter and been informed that there were 8 patients ahead me. The nurse was asking me whether do I mind to see Dr. Siva so that I don't have to wait long to see Dr. Tee Swi Peng. I answered her that I didn't mind to see Dr. Siva as it's just a routine check up and I didn't experience any uncomfortable during my pregnancy except tiredness and heartburn (sometimes). Then I proceeded to do urine tests. It's tested with a negative result. No suspected preeclampsia and diabetes. I felt relieved as I'm 63 kg which had gained 1 kg in two weeks time (which is normal)😅. Actually I targeted to gain 10 kg only in my whole pregnancy, it seems I'd failed. I wonder why I didn't eat double portion of foods but still gained weight. So far I already gained total of 11 kgs in my pregnancy, on the remaining time, I don't bother my weight anymore, just enjoying eating and to treasure the remaining time of my pregnancy. 

First, Dr. Siva read thru my file and was asking did I feel breathless. I told her yes when I went shopping, I felt tiredness and breathless. Then she was asking and checking whether do I have swollen feet and legs. I told her yes I did, it's a bit. After that, she checked my blood pressure, it's fine, no high blood pressure. She also listened to my heart beating. I assume it's fine as she didn't says anything. She proceeded to do an ultrasound scan to check how is baby doing. Before the scanning, she used her hands to measure my tummy. She told me that the baby's head was going down but not fully down into my pelvic. Then she proceeded to scanning, first, she checked baby's position then the head circumference, tummy, leg and heart beating. She showed me the baby's sex organ, it's a boy. I requested Dr. Siva to scan baby's face as I wanted to see him. I'm feeling satisfied and happy even though I can't see him clearly.😂😂 Dr. Siva concluded baby's growing on track and weighted around 1.9 kg. Last but not least, Dr. Siva didn't forget to inject me the 2nd dose of Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine.


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