Tuesday, 9 May 2017

After Embryos Transfer

After the embryos transfer, I just followed the checklist which given by the Metro IVF as below;

These are what I have done and experienced after embryos transfer;

🔹Frequently sneezes 
🔹Hives in arm
🔹Vivid dreams (dreamt of big bump with baby movements and scanned of a single pregnancy)

🔹Stayed a night at hospital after embryos transfer
🔹Acupuncture (consecutive 6 days doing acupuncture)
🔹Quick bath (warm), no hot bath
🔹Bed rest

🔹Light meals e.g. Fish porridge 
🔹Fruits (orange, apple and kiwi)
🔹Prenatal supplement and milk
🔹Two eggs per day

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