Friday, 7 April 2017

16 Weeks - Prenatal Check Up

2 days ago was my 16 weeks prenatal check up at Metro IVF Puchong branch. The first thing to do when reached the clinic was taking urine tests to test for glucose and protein in the urine. If the tester didn't change colour meaning you're safe from diabetes and preeclampsia. 

After that, I checked my weight, oh gosh, I have put on weight 1kg in three weeks. The total weight gain of 16 weeks of pregnancy was 2.5 kgs which I think is reasonable😅. I believe I'll put on more weights in my 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnancy.

Most of the times I don't have to wait for a long hours to see doctor. After waiting 15-20 mins, it's my turn to see doctor Tee. Doctor Tee is an experienced, professional and friendly doctor. You can speak any three languages English, Mandarin and Bahasa with him even dialect - Hokkien. First, doctor Tee did ultrasound scan to check baby's heart beating then baby's head circumference and cervix length. Everything was fine, baby's heart was beating, baby's head circumference and cervix length 4.02 cm and the cone was small. As informed by doctor, cervix length which is 2.5 cm or shorter than 2.5 cm would be a red flag and must admit to the hospital.

There is a 20-40% of chances of miscarriage before a baby's heart beating; a 5% of chances of miscarriage after hear a baby's heart beating and a 2% of chances of miscarriage after 3 months pregnant. Therefore, the antenatal check up for a pregnant lady is very important to ensure a healthy and smooth pregnancy.

After that, doctor Tee followed up with us again whether to do the Non-invasive chromosomes check (NICC) blood test as I'm 35 years old this year. It's totally up to your own decision but doctor Tee was encouraging us to do it for a peace of mind as it's 99% of accuracy to test for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome. After due consideration, my husband decided to have the blood test. It costs RM 2k +++. The reason my husband decided to do it is because his friend's baby was die after 6 months birth due to heart problem which his friend only found out the problem later. 

Last but not least, doctor Tee took blood pressure for me and scheduled the next appointment in 2 weeks.

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