Friday, 24 March 2017

The summary of the comparison of IVF treatment between Subang Jaya Medical Centre and Metro IVF Fertility Centre

I have went through two times of IVF treatment in two different IVF Fertility Centre which are Subang Jaya Medical Centre and Metro IVF Fertility Centre in year 2016. Below is the summary of the comparison of the IVF treatment between SJMC and Metro IVF for your reference.

If you need fertility treatment, below is the Metro IVF contact number for your further enquiry;


  1. 我本人推荐彼奥泰珂斯研究中心这间代孕的服务,他们甚至可以让你选择孩子的性别,孩子在未出世前和出生后的每一个服务都非常到位,价格也非常合理,还包含了所有的检查,不加任何费用,他们拥有专业的医疗团队帮你,安全性绝对保证,我真的非常推荐他你们来这家尝试,真的非常值得。

  2. I hope you read this comment. I just had an embryo transfer on Wed. And have been taking blackmores conceive well. Wondering whether it's still ok to continue eating this vitamin until blood test?

    1. Hi, sorry for late, no you should stop taking it once it had transferred. The box got prescribed it. Once transferred, you should start taking pregnancy supplements and drink maternal milk.

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