Saturday, 28 April 2018

Things to Know As A First Time Mom (I Wish People Tell Me)

1. Breastfeeding: I thought I would have a lot of milk, in fact I only have a few drops on day 4 or day 5 after delivery.

Breastfeeding supplements:

2. Feeding time: Fed my son every hour or 1.5 hour. Prepare more milk bottles (if you are bottle feed your baby). You don’t have to keep washing the bottles especially during midnight.

Haakaa pump (original get it directly from Haakaa website):

3. Body shape: I still looked like a pregnant lady after delivery. Lost 1 kg every month after confinement.

C-sec scar recovery cream (get it from a hospital):

Saturday, 24 February 2018

My Baby is Growing Up - 5 Months Old

Newborn=> Weight: 3.09kg, HC: 36cm & Length: 54cm

1 Month Old=> Weight: 3.90kg, HC: 37cm & Length: 54cm

2 Months Old=> Weight: 5.07kg, HC: 39.5cm & Length: 57cm

3 Months Old=> Weight: 5.70kg, HC: 41.0cm & Length: 58cm

4 Months Old=> Weight: 6.35kg, HC: 42.0cm & Length: 64cm

5 Months Old=> Weight: 6.92kg, HC: 44.0cm & Length: 64.5cm

Thursday, 12 October 2017

1 Week - Postnatal Check Up (27 Sep 17)

At 10:30 am, Husband and I arrived Metro IVF, Puchong branch. I registered myself then heading to weight myself. My weight before delivery was 68 kgs. Now my weight is 59.5 kgs. So much relieved after knowing it. I believe I will be able to reduce my weight back to the weight before pregnancy.

I have waited for 1 hour only my turn to see Dr. Tee Swi Peng. Today is the day to remove stitches. I laid on the bed, then Dr. Tee used a scissor to cut the front and the end of the stitches then removed the stitches. Dr. Tee said the wound was recovered nicely and it’s only 4 inches long (10 cm). I were feeling a bit itchy on my wound. Then Dr. Tee was using a medical alcohol (I believe it’s) to wipe the wound. Dr. Tee asked me do I want to see my wound. I quickly said no no no. I really not dare to see my scars. I asked the nurse whether my wound got blood or not. She said no blood and it’s recovered nicely.

I checked with Dr. Tee whether I can consume motilium pill to improve my milk production. Dr. Tee said yes I can consume it and it’s safe to consume. Dr. Tee also said a new born mother sometimes have to wait for a week only got milk supply. Dr. Tee claimed that my body is not fully recovered yet, the wound only recovered 20%, I can do light works after three months and I will be fully recovered after six months. We expressed a big thank you to Dr. Tee and we will definitely come back for a second frozen embryos transfer.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - Day 3 Discharge Day (22 Sep 17)

I had to walked to the washroom by myself now. Lucky that I chose a single room and I didn’t have to walk so far to go to the washroom. It’s still painful while walking. I had to clean up myself and change pad (using my own pad). 

While I prepared to enjoy my breakfast, a nurse brought my baby to me. She asked me to breastfeeding my baby. I were breastfeeding my baby at the same time enjoying my breakfast (2 breads+hot milo).

Around 10 am, Dr. Mohan came to see me. He checked and touched my tummy. I told him it’s painful when touching my tummy. He informed me that I can discharge today. Nurses came to measure blood pressure for me, gave me injection, gave me 4 pills (2 pain killer and 2 antibiotics) and changed a new drip for me. She told me this bottle was the last, once finished, I can discharge already. I were so excited.

Around 12 pm, my parents-in-law, sister-in-law and her 2 kids came to visit baby and me. I requested nurse to bring my baby down. At first, nurse said cannot because they are preparing baby for something. I told nurse for a while only, then only nurse agreed to bring down baby. They were so happy to see my baby and took picture with my baby. They left the hospital around 1:30 pm. 

At 4:30 pm, Husband came and went to pay bills. The total bill was RM 7,800 + Deposit RM 200. Nurse gave me three type of medicine, antibiotics (must finish it), pain killer (only eat if it still pain) and pills for constipation. We left the hospital around 5:30 pm.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - Day 2 (21 Sep 17)

I remembered at 1:30 am, Dr. Tee Swi Peng came with two nurses to see me. He told me baby and I were fine and we can discharge tomorrow. He asked me how did I feel. I told him I were feeling pain in my tummy. He said it’s a good sign if I feeling pain because the uterus are shrinking. At that time,  I still feeling drowsy, I just need more sleep.

Around 6:30 am, a nurse came and cleaned up for me. I brushed my tooth and changed a new clothes. Then they removed my urine bag. It’s painless. After I had my breakfast,  a nurse helped me to get down from bed and walked to the washroom. It’s painful and I couldn’t stand straight. The nurse asked me to hold a deep breath, hold my tummy and walked. 

Around 11:00 am, a whole group of Metro IVF team came and took a group picture with me and baby. At that time, my husband wasn’t arrived yet, we took the picture without him. I were so blessed and blissful holding my baby. 

I were not sure am I under depression. I cried again. The reason I cried is because I felt helpless, painful and husband wasn’t around. I were feeling painful and couldn’t breastfeeding my baby. 

Around 5:00 pm, husband came and accompanied me. At 6:00 pm, I received a basket flower from my parents-in-law. It was big and beautiful.

I were so down the whole day after nurse removed my urine bag and I have to walk by myself. 😭😭😭

Thursday, 28 September 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - Giving Birth Part II (20 Sep 17)

I asked husband how does baby looks like, any picture to show me. He said he first met baby at outside of the operation room and he said he couldn’t see clearly as the baby’s body was dirty and his skin colour is a dark red to purple colour. He told me he didn’t know which baby is our baby as there were two babies in the nursery room. 

Husband went home at 3pm and told me he will come to see me again at night. Around 3:20pm, nurse brought baby came to my room, finally I met with my baby, he’s so small and I requested the nurse to take a baby’s picture for me. Then I quickly sent my baby’s photo to my husband, Mother-in-law, closed friends and confinement lady to inform them my baby’s arrival. A nurse came to bring my baby back to the nursery room around 4pm as baby’s not suitable to stay long in my room.  

I still feeling drowsy and continued sleeping. At 8pm, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law came to visit me. I barely speak as my throat was dry and have no voice. Then both of them went to the third floor to see baby. At 8:30pm, husband came to see me. I requested husband to make a cup of hot milo for me. Just a few mins, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law came down, they were chitchatting and have a sibling talks. Around 9pm+, both of them went back and my husband went to order a regular pizza and had it in my room. He accompanied and chit chats with me until 11:30pm then he went back. He was trying to make me laugh as I were so emotional at that time, I crying, missing and worrying about my baby.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

A New Chapter of My Life - Giving Birth Part I (20 Sep 17)

I couldn't fall asleep last night, woke up at 5:50 am, brushed my tooth, washed my face then wiped my body with a wet towel. After that a nurse came and did an ECG for baby and she took my blood pressure. Everything was fine. Hubby came around 6:30 am and he just sat beside me. Then a nurse came and wanted to give me medicine to clear all the poo. Within one minute, I already have the urge to go poo poo. I quickly walked and went to clear it. After that, we just chitchat while waiting to be called to go for operation at 7:30 am. 

Around 7:10 am, nurses came and called me time to go for operation. At that moment, I didn’t feel nervous and scared, I laid on the bed then husband just followed with us went to the 3rd floor. I was pulled to the operation room, then a nurse asked me to transferred and laid on the operation bed. At that moment, I saw a familiar face, the anaesthetist, I first met her during my embryos retrieval day. I was calmed and sleepy, I just trying to fall asleep. I heard they were talking about traffic jam, Dr. Tee was having an embryo transfer, then the last word I heard was he’s coming, coming, then I feel really really sleepy, then I slept.

By the time I woke up, it’s already 12-1 pm. I looked around I were in a single room and husband was sleeping beside me in another bed. I touched my tummy wondering have I give birth and felt a bit pain in my tummy then realised I had gave birth. At that time, I still very drowsy, my throat was dry no voice to speak and I couldn’t remember much what people have spoke to me. I remembered nurses came to wash my private part and to change maternity pad for me but I incidentally hiccup and the urine bag plug was pushed out from my private part and the nurses was so nervous. I remembered Dr. Tee Swi Ping came to see me, said baby and I were doing fine, he also said my baby was not goes deep down yet.

Husband told me after I went in the operation room, he sat outside and waited for me. Around 7:45 am, he said he was so sleepy, almost fall asleep, suddenly he heard a very loud baby crying sound, he told me he’s not sure is it our baby has born.