Friday, 25 August 2017

36 Weeks - Prenatal Check Up

Today is my 36 weeks prenatal check up. I arrived Metro IVF, Puchong branch at 10:00 a.m. As usual, I registered myself then proceeded to do urine test. It tested negative result. Then I weighted myself 65 kgs. Dr. Siva was not around, so I will see Dr. Tee Swi Peng. I'm the no. 6th to see doctor. 

While waiting for doctor, I passed the letter regards to the echocardiogram test result to Ms. Chiang, so that she could attached the letter in my folder for doctor Tee to read. In the letter, the cardiologist Dr. Tiang Soon Wee from KPJ Damansara Hospital said my BP 110/64 mmHg, echo showed small VSD, good EF 62%, with normal chambers and normal valves, as such I should be able to deliver normally.

After 40 mins of waiting, it's my turn to see Dr. Tee. Dr. Tee read thru my folder (as the last two visits were done by Dr. Siva). Then he took my blood pressure, it's fine. 

Then Dr. Tee proceeded to do ultrasound to scan baby's head circumference, leg, tummy and heart beating. The amniotic fluid is enough. Everything is fine. At first Dr. Tee said baby weighted 2.4 kgs but after a few seconds he said 2.2 kgs. Dr. Tee didn't comment baby's weight is light. I was a bit surprised knowing it. Anyway, hope my baby can catch up his weight in the last few weeks.

Dr. Tee asked my preferred method of delivering baby. I answered Dr. Tee if I could and able to deliver naturally, then I wish to deliver naturally. My hubby asked Dr. Tee would it be too far (not enough time) for us to reach the hospital in Klang by time I'm going to labor. To ease our doubts, Dr. Tee explained to us the signs of giving birth as below;
1. Strong and regular contractions (3-5 mins apart)
2. Water breaks
3. Bloody vaginal discharge 

Dr. Tee also explained for the first time mother-to-be, it takes at least 6 hours for cervix to fully dilated (10cm). 

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  1. 我好几年了但都不孕的状态中,后来和老公去了几家都没效,真的挺失望的,后来遇到了他我奇迹地怀孕了,真的是奇迹呢,对辅助生殖母亲自由选择呀,具有详细的解答,利用现代技术对我的状况,丰富的经验医生让我不必担忧,多语言的翻译也有哦,我也不害怕了,真心推荐你们好